Book Journey

I am doing everything with this book backwards.  Except maybe writing.  I’ve been writing nearly every day since I was 10 years old, a few days after my mom left me, my sister and my brother in the Philippines.  Writing saved me a tiny bit, day by day.  I like think it still does.

The book is going to a really cool professional editor on December 15, 2009 I met through an old high school friend.  It does not feel ready for that step.  But it will be whether I feel that way or not.

Then there is the reading I’m giving on December 9th for a group of really supportive neighbors.  I think that’s the kind of thing that happens after a book is published but I’m doing it before a professional edit.  See what I mean?

And now the blog.  I started one about a week ago but decided to have the Memoirs and Half Truths in the address instead of what I did have.  Now I’m transferring my few posts and screwing around with my blog instead of revising my book.  Did I mention the December 15th deadline?

I figured out what is possibly more self-centered than blogging and that would be me commenting on my own blog posts.  But I might do that too.

Today I took the dog out in the snow, letting my husband sleep.  My houseguest has been upstairs for coffee.  She generously offered to put up a Christmas tree for us since I am so busy and have that, um, deadline looming.  But we don’t decorate every year so I am thinking what’s the point, other than it will be cheery as hell and possibly another way to not write as much before December 15th.

So far, since I’ve had this deadline for a few months, I have really written a lot and procrastinated a lot.  Here are some of my excuses:

Working at a job that pays

Revising my memorial service (I’m 46 and in excellent health)

Cooking elaborate meals

Taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets, washing the cabinets down with vinegar and water, washing all the contents of the cabinets and rearranging the now-clean contents in the now-clean cabinets.

Reading about writing.

Hosting Thanksgiving.

Making lists that include “work on book.”

Calling friends.

Helping others.

Sorting out all of my ski gear.

Watching the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and/or Mad Men.

Reading other people’s blogs.

Baking pies.


Trying to figure out if I have faith or am just faking it.

Surfing for things I don’t need and don’t buy.

Rearranging my closet.

Fussing over my houseguest.

Walking the dog.

Playing with the cats.

Filling up the birdfeeder.

Talking about being a writer.

Watch the snow falling and the sun trying to break through the clouds.

Today I will transfer the stuff from the other week-old blog to this one and start fresh.  And maybe tell people about this.  Maybe.

Oh and go to my sister’s to eat her special yeast waffles and bacon, hang out for a few hours and decorate their Christmas tree with her 4 year-old son.



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2 responses to “Book Journey

  1. pastor michael

    If you publish I will buy the book. You are a gift!

    Michael E

    • echosofmymind

      Thanks! Here’s my favorite thing to say in Confession, not that I’ve gone since 4th grade: “Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it’s been 3 weeks since my last vacation.”

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