Writing and Pesky Day Jobs

12/4/09:  I don’t pretend to understand the forces of the Universe that gelled together to land me my great job 20 months ago, allowing me to leave a family law practice forever and start anew in business, banking and real estate law at my then-age of 45.  I actually like what I do most of the time now.  I respect the people I work with and for.  My office is small, just 6 lawyers, but it suits me.  It’s fun to be here much of the time.  It’s humbling how much I have to continue to learn every day.  But I think that is why it is called the practice of law.

I worked as a paralegal at a huge firm in NYC and in house as a paralegal at a NYC investment bank in the mid 1980’s but smaller is better for me as an attorney.  So I like what I do and I’m getting out of debt and providing pretty well for my family that consists of a good husband, an often bad dog and two cats.

Still, I think of myself as a writer, and even though I write constantly for my day job, that is not the kind of writing I think of when I want to define myself as a writer.  My black and white thinking tells me to be a real writer, I probably have to go back to Paris to live, wear black all the time, learn to smoke, and write all day long in a cafe while nursing espresso.  Or that I can’t possibly be a writer without at least a year off on a desert island.  I have an ego that is something else.

So I do what I can to continue to be the writer I dreamed of being most of my life.  The problem is my pesky day job that I enjoy and am well-paid for.  I have to work at that job when I’m there.  It’s the right thing to do.  Still I am highly distractable and sometimes have days where my productivity is a joke.  More on that later.

A few years back I hired Jerrold Mundis as a writing coach.  He suggested I write just 5 minutes per day and then in a week or so, increase it to 10 and so on, until I was writing 25 to 30 minutes per day.  I finished the first draft of my book and half a rewrite that way, 5 minutes at a time.

He also told me not to do The Artist’s Way or any journalling, as that would cause me to leak needed creative energy for my book.  But now I have a 2-day old blog I am obsessed with and want to blog 3 times a day which just might cause a teeny, tiny energy leak.  And a bit of wallowing in self-importance.

So my pledge here and now is to work on my book first and then screw around with tweeking and adding to the blog.  You heard it hear first.

Solemn Pledge Photo Below:


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