TV Charity

So I was on an exuberant walk early in the morning a few days ago.  It was breathtaking, with the sun breaking through light snow and heavy fog.  I was inexplicably filled with joyous energy and broke into a run uphill.  My dog bounded in an especially cute way playing with a golf ball and zig zagging around me.  I said a little prayer and then of course became lost in my self-centered thoughts.  Then a gorgeous red tail hawk flew by with some sort of breakfast rodent.  And I had a ton of time to get to work, even with my foray into the hills on the golf course.  I have no idea why I get to have such a good life, certainly I don’t deserve to witness all the good stuff on that morning, including a body wanting to break into a run early in the day.

On the way back I knew I had to do something else before work.

A nice neighbor had a hip replacement a few months ago and then just had her knee scoped.  And then her TV died.  I knew I needed to give her the TV in my home office.  I don’t watch it much and of course it is a distraction when I need to write.  So I did the right thing, unscrewed the cable and walked it over to her house.  A small token for her kindness to our Saint Bernard, Sheba, in the years before Sheba’s death.

This weekend I cleaned up that cluttered office, throwing out 2 garbage bags of stuff and giving away 2 garbage bags of stuff.  The space feels better but I got a little panicky about no TV.  Like when I give something I no longer wear to my sister, she wears it and looks great in it.  Inevitably I want the thing I haven’t worn in 2 years, back.  But it always looks better on Kate and there’s the two-year rule.

My neighbor needs the TV more than I do.  Besides, we have a TV in the basement den and how many TVs does a person need?  Not as many as we had the other day.

Next weekend I will go through my closet and see what else I can give away.  It feels good.  And my office at home feels cleared out, clean and better.  Me too.


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